Specialty Strategies are Why We're Uncommon


Eves&Haines Wealth Management implements innovative strategies

Designed to increase growth and results with little additional market risk. 

See these illustrated diagrams.


shutterstock_118295635Safe Leverage
Having your money work harder for you is one of Eves&Haines Wealth Management’s main objectives.  There are proven financial strategies which can increase your savings proportional to your portfolio.  They can be leveraged simultaneously into safe bond investments or ETFs.

Eves&Haines Wealth Management uses innovative strategies to safely leverage your money.  Some of these strategies are reminiscent of leading edge ideas such as the “Secret 770 Account” and the “Infinite Banking ” system where you could “Be Your Own Banker.”

Bond Strategies
Often, financial advisors place investor money in bond funds with high fees and commissions. Eves&Haines Wealth Management constructs tax-advantaged municipal bond portfolios and high yield corporate bond portfolios for you based on your specific requirements.We emphasize
a diversified bond portfolio consisting of individual bonds structured to your risk tolerance. 

Eves&HainesWealth Management strives to outperform traditional bond funds utilizing well-researched individual bonds.We have two objectives for investing in individual bonds.  The first is to increase your returns with the best possible individual bonds based on extensive research, the second is to reduce your risk. We can virtually eliminate interest rate risk, the greatest risk in bond funds, by holding bonds to maturity and utilizing a ladder strategy to ensure you always have some liquidity.

ETF Optimizationshutterstock_219051595(1)
ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, are collections of individual equities grouped by industry, market sector, region, or another category.

ETFs can provide equity diversity in your portfolio without adding fund management fees inherent with Mutual Funds.EFTs have several other advantages over Mutual Funds including:

  • Internal expenses are lower in ETFs than most Mutual Funds.
  • ETFs incur no sales charges (free of broker loads).

  • ETFs offer tax advantages because they are considered passively managed and are not subject to capital gains that are incurred when Mutual Fund shareholders redeem shares.

  • ETFs are typically more liquid than Mutual Funds and can be traded
    less expensively.You pay less when you buy, and you get more when you sell.

Eves&Haines Wealth Management implements optimization techniques using indicators
from technical analysis to trade ETFs.The big fund managers are very good at what they do.
They have millions of dollars to research and investigate potential investments, but they are
so large that it is a very slow process to move in and out of certain equity positions in the market.
By utilizing technical indicators,Eves&Haines Wealth Management can recognize the trading
movements the large fund managers are making.Because we are a nimble player in a big game,
we can sell sooner when the big fund managers are moving out of a position and we can buy
quicker when we see the big fund managers moving into a particular equity or investment.