Tax Advantaged Strategies


Tax advantaged solutions should be an integral part of your financial strategy

Often investors only focus on return and don’t realize the impact taxes have on your net return.
Below are examples that clearly indicate this point.

Federal Tax

Tax Advantaged
Investment Return

Federal Tax-Free
Equivalent Yield

Plus Colorado

28% 5% 6.94% 7.42%
39.6% 5% 8.28% 8.97%

You can see that even in a moderate tax bracket of 28%, you could be investing in the
safest type of investments at 5% and increase your yield by 48% (5% to 7.42%).

In the highest tax bracket, the increase in return is nearly an 80% increase (5% to 8.97%). 

Tax Free Income and Tax DeductionsCash

Municipal Bonds

Bond portfolios created with individual bonds, and not bond funds, is a specialty strategy of Eves&Haines Wealth Management (for more information see Specialty Strategies section). Municipal Bonds are almost always federally tax exempt and if the municipal bond is issued from an entity in your state of residence, then your bond income is also usually free of state income tax.

Tax Deductions

What if there was a way to offset capital gains without needing to sell securities for capital losses? Eves&Haines safe leveraging strategies have inherent tax deductions without the unnecessary capital losses. Tax advantaged strategies should take into consideration not only favorable income
tax investments, but the tax deductions as well.

Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs provide tax advantages because they are considered passively
managed and are not subject to capital gains that are
incurred when Mutual Funds shareholders redeem shares.

Eves&Haines’ priority is to provide you with innovative tax solutions throughout each specialty strategy. Incorporating Safe Leverage, Tax Advantaged Bonds, and ETF Optimization Strategies results in lowering your tax burden.