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Studies have shown that more than 20% of working Americans currently don't save any annual income for retirement. If you don't believe you're saving enough, it's never too late to start. At Eves & Haines Wealth Management, our advisors will help you explore your retirement planning options.

Look ahead to a financially stable retirement. Our main categories of retirement planning include:

  • Reducing wealth transfers
  • Managing risk
  • Portfolio design
  • Maximizing distributions

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Retirement Income Maximization

Strategies endorsed by the highest authority of academic science will be utilized to maximize income for our clients approaching retirement or already in retirement. This assumes that the savings period of the client’s time-line is over or within the last five to ten years and the focus will now be in creating the most income and legacy possible for the savings and investments accumulated. The following will be some of the components considered and planned in this income maximization:

  • Balancing the two powerful economic sciences of rate of return and of actuarial science will be utilized.
  • Social Security claiming
  • Tax-deferred, Tax Advantaged, and Taxable assets will be deliberately designed with annual withdrawals optimized by asset location. Other strategies such as Roth conversions and changing tax laws will be constantly evaluated
  • Safe withdrawal rates and sequence of return risks will be managed

Customized retirement planning built for your needs

Customized retirement planning built for your needs

There is more than just one way to save. Because everyone's financial needs are different, we'll find retirement strategies that work best for you. You can use several income strategies, including:

  • Uninterrupted compounding investment
  • Managed bonds
  • ETFs
  • Stocks

You've worked hard to earn your money-let Eves & Haines Wealth Management work hard for you. Speak with us today to schedule a complementary consultation for retirement planning.