What You Should Expect from Eves & Haines Wealth Management

Loyalty to You and Your Priorities

Often financial advisors work for a large bank, insurance company, or broker/dealer and are driven to meet the priorities of that business over yours.

Eves & Haines Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) driven by your priorities.

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Reduced Potential Conflicts of Interest

Different companies are good at different things. Eves & Haines Wealth Management delivers the best financial solutions in the market utilizing the best companies to craft your custom financial solution.

Different funds and investments pay different sales commissions; your investment portfolio should never be driven by the financial advisors potential commission. We do not collect commissions on investments.

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Know What You're Paying For

Did you know that many investment products such as Mutual Funds have built-in commissions and other fees that can be difficult to identify accurately? These fees and sales loads are enough to pay the financial adviser, their Broker/Dealer, and the Mutual Fund company.

Eves & Haines Wealth Management is paid a transparent fee for their investment advice and management. We do not work for a Broker/Dealer.
Due to our structure as an RIA, we cannot legally accept commissions on investments.

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Active Management of Your Investments

Do you feel like you know what's going on with your investments on a regular basis?
Is your financial advisor calling you even when the market is going down?

Eves & Haines Wealth Management actively manages your investments on a daily basis and discusses your investments with you at least quarterly. Significant market changes that could impact your investments will trigger more frequent communication.

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Have Access to Your Money

Many funds and financial products in the industry contain a surrender period or contingent deferred sales charge.

Are you able to access your money or take advantage of superior investment opportunities?

Eves & Haines Wealth Management believes it is important to keep control of your money and have an adequate degree of liquidity so that you can make investment or life decisions easily.